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  Energy is a basis of life. Access to Clean and Sustainable Energy is the right of the people. Nevertheless, almost one third of the population of the country still have no access to clean energy sources. Those who have access also couldn’t enjoy it fully. The nation has already defined the different tiers of …

Welcome To Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association

Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association is an umbrella organization of private firms or companies who are involved actively in development of micro hydropower in the country. This was established on 11th December 1992 with efforts of then actively performing companies and firms It has been successful to accelerate the advancement in developing micro hydropower sector in the country from the inception.

The members of this organization had played a crucial role in furnishing the micro hydro resource of Nepal. Some of them have been contributing this sector for 3 decades and more. To date, more than 3,300 micro hydro plants are providing a worthy and much needed service to the villages of Nepal. These hydropower plants are main source of energy in the villages and popular amongst the rural people, mostly women whose time have been saved a lot and their workload consequently. And, children can read and write in the evening in the electrical lights.

For implementation micro hydropower projects the Association members have been involved in all aspects of micro hydro for its sustainable development as they are of diverse typed, focusing on project identification, survey, design, installation, manufacturing of turbines and accessories, repair and maintenance and research of micro hydropower.

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