Dhamile Khola

Dhamile Khola Model MHP

A dedicated technical centre of MHP

For the development of micro hydropower sector, NMHDA had contributed significantly by producing trained manpower as MHP Operators. The village based working people are thus provided with skill and knowledge on operating MH plants. Advanced level trainings are conducted for experienced MHP Operators to properly maintain and repairing of wear and tear parts of electro-mechanical equipment and civil structures. Engineers, overseers and technicians are also trained in NMHDA training programmes. Such programmes are aimed to impart skills and knowledge to make them Surveyors, Designers, Installers, Trouble shooters, Power Output Verification Inspectors. Thus, human resource development has been one of the successful activities of NMHDA. Since 1996, NMHDA has conducted MHP Operators training programmes 57 times so far 9till April 2016)

Keeping in view the requirement of a live site with all facilities for human resource development and effective demonstrations to trainees and students, NMHDA has conceptualized the Model MHP and initiated construction works of a Model MHP at Ward No.8, Setidevi VDC, Pharping, Kathmandu (now Dakshinkali Municipality, Ward No. 5). The location of the project is quite near to the Pharping Powerhouse, Nepal’s first hydropower project established in 1911. The Model MHP lies at 10 +2 km from Ring Road at Balkhu, Kathmandu.

Water from two different sources is to utilize to run two different units of turbines in the same powerhouse; one is Dhamile Khola which is to utilize for a Pelton turbine and will generate 37 kW and other is Simaldhara Khola which is to utilize for a Cross-flow turbine and will generate 10 kW power. According to support proposed by a prestigious institution for installing a Francis turbine to house in the same Powerhouse, necessary planning has been added.

Some technical features of the Model MHP are given below in tabular form.

Technical Description Dhamile Khola (37 kW) Simaldhara Khola (10 kW)
Designed discharge 86 LPS & 43 LPS 35 LPS & 18 LPS
Gross Head 73 m 54 m
Design capacity 37 kW (wet) and 18 kW (dry) 10 kW (wet) and 5 kW (dry)
Headrace Canal 317.5 m stone masonry 30 m stone masonry
Penstock Pipe 187 m with 250 mm Dia. 75.5 m, 180 mm Dia. HDPE pipe and 85 m, 165 Dia. MS pipe
Turbine type Pelton Turbine Cross-flow Turbine
Driving system Belt drive system Belt drive system
Generator Type 75 kVA, 3 phase, Brushless Synchronous 20 kVA, 3-phase, Brushless, Synchronous

Major features of Project

As a Model and Demonstration Site the project have following features

  • All design of civil construction and electro-mechanical components being installed with features of state-of-art.
  • The electricity produced by two different turbines will be internally synchronized.
  • Synchronization to National Grid also planned as a part of Model MHP.
  • Aimed to use the MHP for conducting micro/mini hydropower related training and studies more effectively for human resource development. The site will be suitable to demonstrate Nepal’s efficiency in Micro hydro for all. Likewise, the site may be used for training and studies for the technicians, planners and administrators from the region and other countries beyond the region.
  • This will create opportunities to local people.


However, much attention is paid to make it a suitable place for studies as well as for Research and Development in micro/mini hydropower technology and its application for the broader benefit of people living in remote area.

Project Cost

Consultant of Survey and Design, estimate that a sum NRs. 11 million approximately will be required to complete constructions of Dhamile Khola Model MHP. Then NMHDA decided to construct the Model project in support of different institutions and NMHDA member companies. In this regard, some of the supports have been already availed in form of cash and kind from different institutions and member companies which are shown below;

S.No. Institution/Company/Firm Support Details Remarks
1 AEPC Cash NRs. 2,000,000.00 Including VAT
2 RERL Cash NRs.    900,000.00 Including VAT
3 From NMHDA members Cash NRs.    450,000.00
4 Thapa Engineering, Butwal Kind Pelton Turbine set 37 kW
5 Nepal Yantra Shala, Lalitpur Kind Cross-flow Turbine set 10 kW
6 Nepal Machine& Structure, Butwal Kind Penstock Pipe
7 Oshin Power, Butwal Kind Penstock Pipe
8 Universal Equipment, Butwal Kind Penstock Pipe
9 Appropriate Engineering, Butwal Kind Flange
10 Gautam Energy Industries, Butwal Kind Expansion Joint

Current Status of the Project

The construction of the project was initiated in July 2012 with support of AEPC, RERL and NMHDA members, and aimed to complete within one year. But, due to lack of fund the construction work was stopped for one year and half. The works have been resumed from December 2014 with target to complete in eight months from the restart.

In this phase, NMHDA is putting efforts to complete the remaining tasks such as pipe canal in replacement of the portion damaged by land slide swept portion which is a part of the canal of 37 kW system, forebays of both 37 kW and 10 kW systems, laying of penstock pipes along with support piers and anchor blocks, power house, installation of turbines, generators, ELCs and accessories and construction of tailrace. Construction of power house foundation and forebays had been already done. Likewise, baseframes with tailraces have been installed.

Fund management

The major portion of the received fund was spent in site clearing, construction of Dam, Desalting basin and headrace Canal. Transportation of construction materials and Hydro-Mechanical components had raised some expenses beyond the estimate.

In observing the estimated cost and current status of the project, 50% of project cost (i.e. NRs. 5,500,000.00) is in deficit to complete the whole construction and installation works as targeted.

But in first stage, we are planning to complete machine foundation, power house construction, penstock pipe laying, forebay construction, internal synchronization of power generated by two different units, transmit and distribute to local consumers. These all will be completed with a fund of NRs. 3,000,000.00 (three million rupees) as per estimates.

NMHDA being a non-profit motive organization have to manage funds from sources like government organizations, international development supporters, international non-government organizations and institutions. NMHDA, the developer of the Model MHP will welcome support for sub-division of packages if an organization/institute or group of organizations/institutes is/are interested. Construction of Powerhouse, Internal synchronization and synchronization to Grid may be options to interested supporter/s to undertake according to the plan.

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