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Nepal had established itself as hydropower pioneer in Asia by successfully commissioning the Pharping Powerhouse in Kathmandu on 22nd May 1911, which is also the second in Asia. The growth of micro hydropower sector of Nepal is appreciable as compared to other sectors. Shares of credit go to organizations like ITDG (now Practical Action), Agricultural Development Bank, different educational Institutions etc. and dedicated sector professionals for their decades of efforts in the earlier period. It is appreciated that since AEPC came into being the rate of MH projects initiation and implementation grew in a faster pace as the establishment of state authority Govt. of Nepal/Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) in 1996 was a historical event for the sector. UNDP/ Rural Energy Development Programme (REDP) has fully utilized MH and other RET’s successfully to uplift the living standard of rural population during the programme period of August 1996 to April 2011 and continued by Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood (RERL). The Energy Sector Assistance Programme (ESAP) of DANIDA was inducted for AEPC programmes in 1996. Due to these and other activities RE sector in general and MH in particular has emerged as potential energy sector of Nepal

Inauguaral Session of HPNET Programme in Kathmandu on 22 November, 2016

For continued support for development of renewable energy for rural people in wider prospects National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP) has been introduced with effective from mid July, 2012 till mid July 2017. DANIDA, Swedish, Norwegian fund, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP also join their hands to support NRREP. SNV also has been associated with NRREP in the scope of capacity building of stakeholders of RET.

The 3rd Annual Gathering of Hydro Empowerment (HPNET) event was organized with support of WISIONS, AEPC and Skat Foundation. The gathering was participating by micro hydro practioners from 12 countries of south-southeast Asia. NMHDA has been putting its efforts for months to make it a success as the organizers aim this occasion to make a landmark international event to deal on micro hydropower technology and practices in Nepal and the south-southeast Asian countries.

The international gathering was inaugurated by Honourable Minister for Population and Environment Jaya Dev Joshi who is also the chief guest of the occasion. Minister Joshi, on the occasion, stressed on need of concerted efforts of regional forces for environment protection and climate issues. He also mentioned that Nepal is suitable for studies and research on various types of alternative energy technologies. We have been successful in adopting Solar energy systems, bio-gas plants and improved cook stoves. Many village people are provided such facilities. The government agencies are taking it seriously to carry out such services to the people. These all activities are related to environment conservation. We have been voicing for the concerted efforts fight energy poverty also. We will be successful in drawing global attention in this regard which is possible to happen with working together with likeminded countries.

On the occasion, experts from Nepal elaborated that Nepal has been successful in producing all the turbines for MHPs and also other needful parts such as penstock pipes, gates and so on. And it is looking forward to grow more where as in the past, Nepal had availed Made in Nepal turbines to various friendly countries and lent technology to them to promote micro hydro.

Executive Director of Alternative Energy Promotion Centre Ram Prasad Dhital, HPNET coordinator Dipti Vaghela, Representative of WISION Carmen Deinst, Bikas Pandey, Surendra Bhakta Mathema, NMHDA President Krishna Prasad Devkota, Tej Narayan Thakur, General Secretary of NMHDA also spoke on the occasion

The Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNET) serves as a knowledge and advocacy platform for micro and mini hydropower (MHP) practitioners across South and Southeast Asia. The network was formed under the WISIONS initiative at the Wuppertal Institute after realizing knowledge gaps among the WISIONS SEPS grant awardees.

HPNET is in its 3rd year of operation and currently has about 50 members, from 12 countries, with expertise in policy, financing, technology development, watershed strengthening, and community organizing processes.  With the support of WISIONS and host members, the network has held two, in-person annual meetings for its members. Similar events were held in August 2013, HPNET 1st Annual Gathering of Micro Hydro Practitioners, in Borneo, Malaysia. The event was attended by about 25 practitioners and held over 4 days, including 1-day of field visits. 2nd Annual Gathering of Micro Hydro Practitioners, in Bandung, Indonesia in February 2015. The event was attended by about 35 practitioners and held over 4 days, including 1.5 days of field visits.

The third such event organized in Kathmandu, Nepal. The overall purpose of the event was to synergize the growing membership of HPNET towards finding effective ways to develop and use the HPNET platform, in order to meet shared aims of advancing the sector as a whole. Building up from the hindsight of the earlier events, the event was to highlight a more inclusive, milestone-based approach, where the Working Groups are involved in extensive preparation and results of the event.

Develop productive relationships among complementing members, provide in-person work time to HPNET Working Groups’ core priorities, identify limitations and solutions for improved operations and sustainability, Provide HPNET members the opportunity to better understand Nepal’s MHP, link HPNET Members to mainstream international development agencies were the main agenda of the gathering while Nepal had much to share with the HPNET members in the form of field visits to project sites and fabrication workshop, and interfacing with experts.

NMHDA, in the past, actively participated in NAM S&T and NAST organized conference International Workshop on The Role of Micro Hydro for Developing Countries in Kathmandu during April 19-22, 2013 and the Exhibition cum International Workshop on Micro Hydro Projects organized by Alternative Energy Promotion Centre/Regional Excellence of Micro Hydro in collaboration with Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association which took place during 11-16 November, 2014. Likewise, NMHDA has been successfully representing Nepal micro hydro in international arena.

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