Message From President


Energy is a basis of life. Access to Clean and Sustainable Energy is the right of the people. Nevertheless, almost one third of the population of the country still have no access to clean energy sources. Those who have access also couldn’t enjoy it fully. The nation has already defined the different tiers of energy access. The need of the day for the nation is to provide full fledged energy access to all.

There is a wide gap between urban and rural people in terms of energy access. Renewable energy sources become the major alternative to fulfil this gap. Nepal, as a matter of fact, is successful in implementing alternative energy technologies such as micro hydro, solar-PV, solar thermal, bio-gas, improved cook-stoves in rural areas of the country. We have a great deal of success stories. Remarkably, micro hydro in Nepal was first established in 1962 and today more than 3,300 plants upto the capacity of generating 100 kW have been installed.

It is my pleasure to express that we have been putting our efforts in organizing various activities for the betterment of the micro hydro sector to grow, through Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association (NMHDA). The Association has been successful to keep up activities to achieve the aims in the period of last 23 years. The Association also has been successful in putting the voice of the community level with their requirement specially energy through micro hydro, mitigating their constraints for electricity access and enhancing their capabilities.

The umbrella organization of private sector micro hydro techno-entrepreneurs, NMHDA had been able to put efforts to establish that the skill, knowledge and expertise on micro hydro developed in Nepal is a technical asset of the nation. The countries in the neighbourhood, region and even beyond appreciate this fact and would like to borrow or exchange the skill, knowledge and expertise on micro hydro which has been become a tradition, we opine.

Nepal is now looking for a greater opportunity to work together with international community to implicate alternative energy technologies for wider benefit to all. NMHDA, the member organizations and the entire sector are participating with sizable representation to share the knowledge and experiences with representative from micro hydro countries in various events organized in Nepal or abroad.

Thus, NMHDA look forward cooperation and coordination with all concerned institutions, individuals and professionals to achieve the desired aims.

Krishna Prasad Devkota


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