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NMHDA – GIZ Nepal go jointly with LSC

Nepal Micro Hydropower Development Association (NMHDA) had joined hands with GIZ Nepal to work on micro hydro sector to enhance in capacity building of communities, working professionals and the association members both.

NMHDA now is planning to conduct a few programmes with GIZ support as Local Subsidy Contract which NMHDA is conducting soon. The programmes as stated herewith are expected to be instrumental for the micro hydro sector of Nepal. Within the LSC there are three 3 activities.

(1) Catalogue of training programmes to be conducted by NMHDA

The catalogue preparing and communicating to concerned parties is the first activity NMHDA proposes. This activity is to address the need of capacity building of micro hydro personnel. The persons involved and expected to be involved actually require certain level of skill and knowledge to possess. The activities proposed will provide them opportunities.

NMHDA is prepared to offer various training programme for skill and knowledge development. The association will fix a schedule of conducting the training programmes.

The preparations NMHDA set should be documented first in hard copies in Nepali language so as many stakeholder will get information easily in own language. NMHDA will prepare the manuscripts, design, print and distribute to relevant institutions such as MH Committees, facilitating agencies, INGOs, NGOs, government offices concerned etc through appropriate media, preferably domestic courier services.

Secondly, all the information will be made available at NMHDA website an even the enrolment will be managed to be done through internet facility.

(2) Training to Trainers for developing the training capacity

The Micro Hydro sector needs a great number of trained manpower, to guarantee quality of skill in the sector and for the sector to grow further. NMHDA wants to organise a training workshop to develop trainers in quantity and quality. The experience has proven that trained and skilled manpower produces better results in survey and design, manufacturing of equipment and accessories, and construction, and installation, and repair and maintenance.

Therefore, NMHDA plans to conduct a “Train the Trainer” workshop. Experienced trainers will share knowledge and skill on subject and methodology.

(3) Local professional to employ for PPP programmes

NMHDA is planning to conduct a few but significantly contributing programme under Public – Private Partnership. One such programme will be focussed on activating the Regional Centre for Excellency of Micro Hydro. The centre also known as RCEMH had a wider scope in promoting Nepal’s micro hydro expertise to the countries of the region (south and south-east Asia) and even beyond. Its few but significant activities polished Nepal image in the micro hydro sector as well.

The centre, now, is inactive due to lack operating authority. Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) was the implementing agency in the past. The high authority of AEPC and NMHDA President had agreed and signed Letter of Intent in this effect so as NMHDA may work ahead to revive RCEMH and operate actively in initiation of NMHDA.

The NMHDA profile and other documents attached herewith will help understand more about NMHDA aims, activities and achievements.

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